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A cross console/emulator sharing platform for Super Mario Maker courses.

Shroom Kingdom

Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play2earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Protocol Blockchain.

You can play with your favorite plumber brothers. Build your own levels or play levels from others. Every level built on Shroom Kingdom is stored on the blockchain as an NFT.


This is an ongoing work-in-progress port of the decompilation of original Nintendo game, Super Mario 64, to native Javascript (No Emulation) (No WebAssembly). This project required creating a Javascript WebGL port of N64 Fast 3D Renderer originally implemented with OpenGL in C. This project also includes the development of online mass multiplayer versions of sm64js and other custom multiplayer game modes.


Community resource for SM64’s PC Port. Your source for the latest info on new mods, models, and total conversions for the game everyone loves. Need help learning how to get started? Join our Discord today!

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